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SyNergy Early Excellence Academy

SyNergy Early Excellence Academy for outstanding young scientists



SyNergy established an "Early Excellence Academy" to give outstanding young scientists the opportunity for collaboration and participation in the SyNergy cluster. Requirements for the admission are successful awards like ERC starting grant, Emmy Noether programme, Sofja Kovalevskaja Award, or similar and a research focus in line with the SyNergy cluster.

For young scientists with theses awards SyNergy offers:

  • Cluster membership, which includes
    • Access to all SyNergy Technology Hubs
    • Access to all SyNergy support programs
    • Access to networking measures e.g. funding for seminar speakers and workshops of your choice
  • Mentoring by a SyNergy-PI of your choice
  • Support of faculty membership application to Graduate School for Systemic Neurosciene (GSN)
  • Flexible startup package as seed funding for SyNergy collaborations of 50.000.-- € (only equipment)


Nomination procedure

Applications will only be by invitation of (or via) a SyNergy Board member.


Current SyNergy Early Excellence Academy members:

Julijana Gjorgjieva

Sarah Jaekel

Gregor-Alexander Pilz

Simon T. Schäfer

Friedhelm Serwane