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SyNergy ERC-Academy

SyNergy ERC-Academy for outstanding young scientists


SyNergy established an "ERC-Academy" to give outstanding young scientists the opportunity for collaboration and participation in the SyNergy cluster. Requirements for the admission are a succesful award of an ERC starting grant and a research focus in line with the SyNergy cluster.

For young scientists with ERC starting grants SyNergy offers:

  • Cluster membership, which includes
    • Access to all SyNergy Technology Hubs
    • Access to all SyNergy support programs
    • Access to networking measures e.g. funding for seminar speakers and workshops of your choice
  • Mentoring by a SyNergy-PI of your choice
  • Membership in the Graduate School for Systemic Neurosciene (GSN)
  • Flexible startup package as seed funding for SyNergy collaborations of 50.000.-- € (only equipment)


Nomination procedure

Applications will only be by invitation of (or via) a SyNergy Board member.


Current SyNergy ERC-Academy members:

Friedhelm Serwane