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Tandem Projects

Tandem Projects are highly collaborative research projects aimed at improving our understanding of degenerative, inflammatory and glio-vascular disease. The projects combine expertise across traditional pathomechanisms, as well as systems biology and systems neuroscience tools. Furthermore, in many projects research efforts of basic scientists and clinicians are bundled. This allows us to combine approaches that range from in vitro models to investigator initiated trials. Four Research Areas have therefore been specified. Importantly, the portfolio of projects within the cluster is not static, but allows for addition of new projects and investigators as topics and techniques in systems neurology emerge. The current SyNergy tandem projects are as follows:

TREM2 dependent microglial function and dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease
Haass*, Simons*, Herms, Lichtenthaler

Synapse loss and its compensation during gray matter inflammation
Kerschensteiner*, Misgeld*, Bareyre, Konnerth, Liebscher

Identify TDP-43 epitopes to block aggregation and spreading for immunotherapy in mice
Dormann*, Edbauer*, Dieterich, Höglinger, Klopstock

Microglia heterogeneity in neurological disorders of neurodegenerative, inflammatory and vascular origin
Winkelmann*, Haass*, Dichgans, Kerschensteiner

Systems neurology of cell-type specific mitochondrial pathology in neurodegeneration and ischemia models
Misgeld*, Perocchi*, Liesz, Kerschensteiner, Czopka

Identifying key regulators of neuronal replacement after neurodegeneration and stroke
Götz*, Liesz*, Dichgans, Grothe, Haass, Ninkovic, Plesnila 

Small vessel disease (SVD) – multiscale imaging from models to patients
Liesz*, Liebscher*, Dichgans, Plesnila

Clearance of HD- and ALS-related protein aggregates and its impact on reactive phenotypes of astrocytes and microglia
Behrends*, Hartl*, Edbauer, Götz

Myeloid derived suppressor cells - regulation of CNS entry and functions in CNS inflammation
Korn*, Lichtenthaler*, Misgeld

Lipid metabolism, phagocyte function and remyelination
Simons*, Hemmer*, Tschöp, Weber

Exploring disorders of the neuro-glio-vascular unit in isogenic human iPSC-derived in vitro models
Paquet*, Dichgans*, Haass, Plesnila

Disruption of astrocyte-vascular coupling in obesity and diabetes
Tschöp*, Götz*, Simons

Microglial activity markers: from mouse models to humans
Haass*, Lichtenthaler*, Bartenstein, Perneczky, Dichgans

Pharmacological inhibition of HDAC9 for atheroprotection and its effects on neuroprotection
Dichgans*, Weber*, Bernhagen, Dieterich, Liesz, Plesnila

Environmental and immunological disease triggers in the German National Twin Cohort
Kerschensteiner*, Hemmer*, Hohlfeld, Korn


*coordinating PI