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Facing the urgency of therapies for progressive MS - a Progressive MS Alliance proposal.

Nat Rev Neurol. 2021 Jan 22. doi: 10.1038/s41582-020-00446-9. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33483719.

Authors/Editors: Dangond F, Donnelly A, Hohlfeld R, Gourzis PLubetzki C, Kohlhaas S, Leocani L, Ciccarelli O, Stankoff B, Sormani MP, Chataway J, Bozzoli F, Cucca F, Melton L, Coetzee T, Salvetti M.
Publication Date: 2021



Therapies for infiltrative inflammation in multiple sclerosis (MS) have advanced greatly, but neurodegeneration and compartmentalized inflammation remain virtually untargeted as in other diseases of the nervous system. Consequently, many therapies are available for the relapsing–remitting form of MS, but the progressive forms remain essentially untreated. The objective of the International Progressive MS Alliance is to expedite the development of effective therapies for progressive MS through new initiatives that foster innovative thinking and concrete advancements. Based on these principles, the Alliance is developing a new funding programme that will focus on experimental medicine trials. Here, we discuss the reasons behind the focus on experimental medicine trials, the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches and of the programme, and why we hope to advance therapies while improving the understanding of progression in MS. We are soliciting public and academic feedback, which will help shape the programme and future strategies of the Alliance.


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