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Consensus-based statements for the management of mitochondrial stroke-like episodes.

Wellcome Open Res. 2019 Dec 13;4:201. doi: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.15599.1. eCollection 2019.

Authors/Editors: Ng YS, Bindoff LA, Gorman GS, Horvath R, Klopstock T, Mancuso M, Martikainen MH, Mcfarland R, Nesbitt V, Pitceathly RDS, Schaefer AM, Turnbull DM.
Publication Date: 2020



Background: Focal-onset seizures and encephalopathy are prominent features of a stroke-like episode, which is a severe neurological manifestation associated with subtypes of mitochondrial disease. Despite more than 30 years of research, the acute treatment of stroke-like episodes remains controversial.

Methods: We used the modified Delphi process to harness the clinical expertise of a group of mitochondrial disease specialists from five European countries to produce consensus guidance for the acute management of stroke-like episodes and commonly associated complications.

Results: Consensus on a new definition of mitochondrial stroke-like episodes was achieved and enabled the group to develop diagnostic criteria based on clinical features, neuroimaging and/or electroencephalogram findings. Guidelines for the management of strokelike episodes were agreed with aggressive seizure management strongly recommended at the outset of stroke-like episodes.

Conclusions: Our consensus statement defines stroke-like episodes in terms of an epileptic encephalopathy and we have used this to revise both diagnostic criteria and guidelines for management. A prospective, multi-centre, randomised controlled trial is required for evaluating the efficacy of any compound on modifying the trajectory of stroke-like episodes.

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