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Tissue-resident CD8+ memory T cells in multiple sclerosis.

Brain. 2020 Dec 13:awaa352. doi: 10.1093/brain/awaa352. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33313699.

Authors/Editors: Hohlfeld R, Beltran E, Gerdes LA, Dornmair K.
Publication Date: 2020


We read with interest the article by Fransen et al. (2020) in Brain. The authors studied the role of CD8+ T cells in a large cohort of chronic multiple sclerosis autopsy cases from the Netherlands Brain Bank. In all white matter samples, CD8+ T cells were conspicuous in the perivascular space (PVS; Virchow-Robin space). At the level of postcapillary venules where lymphocyte extravasation takes place, this specialized compartment is bordered by the endothelial basement membrane on the vascular side, and the glia limitans on the brain parenchymal side (Engelhardt et al., 2017). A large proportion of the CD8+ cells displayed the phenotype of tissue-resident memory cells (TRM) (CD69+, CD103+/−, S1P1−, CCR7−, CXCR6+), similar to observations previously reported by Machado-Santos et al. (2018).Keywords: acute vestibular syndrome; dizziness; double vision; stroke; vertigo.

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