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The effect of lipoaspirates on human keratinocytes

Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2016 May 31. pii: sjw049. DOI: [Epub ahead of print]

Authors/Editors: Kim B-S, Gaul C, Paul NE, Dewor M, Stromps J-P, Hwang S S, Nourbakhsh M, Bernhagen J, Rennekampff H-O, Pallua N.
Publication Date: 2016




One increasingly important trend in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery is the use of fat grafts to improve cutaneous wound healing. In clinical practice, lipoaspirates (adipose tissue harvested by liposuction) are re-injected in a procedure called lipofilling. Previous studies, however, mainly evaluated the regenerative effect of isolated adipocytes, adipose-derived stem cells, and excised en bloc adipose tissue on keratinocytes, whereas no study to date has examined the effect of lipoaspirates.


The authors aimed to investigate differences in the regenerative property of en bloc adipose tissue and lipoaspirates on keratinocytes.


Human keratinocytes, lipoaspirates, and en bloc adipose tissue from 36 healthy donors were isolated. In vitro proliferation, differentiation, migration, stratification, and wound healing of keratinocyte monolayers were measured. Furthermore, secreted levels of VEGF, bFGF, IGF-1, MMP-9, and MIF were detected by ELISA.


Migration, proliferation, and wound healing of keratinocytes were increased by lipoaspirates. Interestingly, the effect of lipoaspirates on keratinocyte proliferation was significantly higher than by en bloc adipose tissue after 5 days. The differentiation of keratinocytes was equally attenuated by lipoaspirates and en bloc adipose tissue. Stratification of keratinocyte layers was enhanced by lipoaspirates and en bloc fat when compared to controls. Lipoaspirates secrete higher levels of bFGF, whereas higher levels of VEGF and IGF-1 are released by en bloc adipose tissue.


We show that lipoaspirates and en bloc adipose tissue have a regenerative effect on keratinocytes. One reason for the higher effect of lipoaspirates on keratinocyte proliferation may be the secretion of different cytokines.



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