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Current aspects of therapy conversion for multiple sclerosis

[Article in German] Nervenarzt. 2015 Aug 13. [Epub ahead of print]

Authors/Editors: Kolber P, Luessi F, Meuth SG, Klotz L, Korn T, Trebst C, Tackenberg B, Kieseier B, Kümpfel T, Fleischer V, Tumani H, Wildemann B, Lang M, Flachenecker P, Meier U, Brück W, Limmroth V, Haghikia A, Hartung HP, Stangel M, Hohlfeld R, Hemmer B, Gold R, Wiendl H, Zipp F.
Publication Date: 2015


In recent years the approval of new substances has led to a substantial increase in the number of course-modifying immunotherapies available for multiple sclerosis. Therapy conversion therefore represents an increasing challenge. The treatment options sometimes show complex adverse effect profiles and necessitate a long-term and comprehensive monitoring. This article presents an overview of therapy conversion of immunotherapies for multiple sclerosis in accordance with the recommendations of the Disease-Related Competence Network for Multiple Sclerosis and the German Multiple Sclerosis Society as well as the guidelines on diagnostics and therapy for multiple sclerosis of the German Society of Neurology and the latest research results. At the present point in time it should be noted that no studies have been carried out for most of the approaches for therapy conversion given here; however, the recommendations are based on theoretical considerations and therefore correspond to recommendations at the level of expert consensus, which is currently essential for the clinical daily routine.

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