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A unified cell biological perspective on axon-myelin injury

J Cell Biol. 2014 Aug 4;206(3):335-345

Authors/Editors: Simons M, Misgeld T, Kerschensteiner M.
Publication Date: 2014



Demyelination and axon loss are pathological hallmarks of the neuroinflammatory disorder multiple sclerosis (MS). Although we have an increasingly detailed understanding of how immune cells can damage axons and myelin individually, we lack a unified view of how the axon-myelin unit as a whole is affected by immune-mediated attack. In this review, we propose that as a result of the tight cell biological interconnection of axons and myelin, damage to either can spread, which might convert a local inflammatory disease process early in MS into the global progressive disorder seen during later stages. This mode of spreading could also apply to other neurological disorders.

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