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Natalizumab-induced PML: can the beast be tamed?

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2013 Mar 9. [Epub ahead of print]

Authors/Editors: Hohlfeld R.
Publication Date: 2013

Professor Ralf Gold and his team1 report on a cohort of 15 patients with natalizumab-associated progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy (PML) who were treated at the university hospital of Bochum, Germany. This is the largest PML series from a single institution reported so far. It comprises almost 5% of the total PML cases presently known worldwide. The most remarkable observation is that none of the patients died during 21.5 months of median follow-up. By contrast, the overall lethality of natalizumab-associated PML is currently
about 20%.

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