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SyNergy members receive grant for advancing imaging

SyNergy member Dr. Martina Schifferer, Hub group leader of the Electron Microscopy Hub (SyNergy's Nanoscale Hub), and SyNergy coordinator Prof. Dr. Thomas Misgeld together with 7 renowned microscopists received a two-year grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for a network and training initiative in Array Tomography.


"This project allows us to establish a strong network of light and electron microscopists to exploit the potential of this group of techniques. This will foster technological developments and new applications in correlative light and electron microscopy, especially for human samples", explains Schifferer. "Dissemination of this new technology to the imaging community is essential, therefore enabling training is an important part of this project."

The "Advancing Imaging Through Collaborative Projects" grant is aimed at accelerating the dissemination and adoption of imaging technologies, methods, platforms, or training resources.

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