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TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professorship for Jeff Lichtman and Bert Sakmann

Jeff Lichtman, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University and Bert Sakmann, Nobel Prize Winner (Physiology or Medicine, 1991) and emeritus Professor at Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence, were appointed Distinguished Affiliated Professor of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) on 24 March 2023 at the Center for Stroke and Dementia Research (CSD). The ceremony was led by TUM President Thomas Hofmann and hosted by SyNergy coordinator Thomas Misgeld. Following the ceremony, Lichtman gave an enlightening seminar on “Mapping the Brain’s Synapses to Explore the Mind”.



Jeff Lichtman and Thomas Hofmann


Thomas Hofmann and Bert Sakmann


TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professorship
The honorary title “TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor” distinguishes leading international scientists who are working at other universities, advancing a scientific area, and developing long-term collaborations with their colleagues at the Technical University of Munich. The honorary title is conferred by the President upon resolution of the TUM Extended Board of Management and the TUM Senate. TUM’s Distinguished Affiliated Professors are members of the TUM Departments putting forth their nominations. Joint appointments of several faculties are possible. For more information and an overview of all TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professors see here.