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Press Release: In many cases, multiple sclerosis starts long before the diagnosis

Years before they are diagnosed, persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) make significantly more visits to doctors and hospitals than others. Specialists have recently discussed whether this might represent a preliminary phase of MS – known as a prodrome. A research team with SyNergy member Bernhard Hemmer at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now published results of a study suggesting that, in many cases, the complaints may relate to unrecognized early clinical MS events.


Persons suffering from the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis can develop various neurological symptoms caused by damage to the nervous system. Especially in early stages, these may include sensory dysfunction such as numbness or visual disturbances. In most patients, MS starts with recurring episodes of neurological disability, called relapses or demyelinating events. These clinical events are followed by a partial or complete remission. Especially in the beginning, the symptoms vary widely, so that it is often difficult even for experienced doctors to interpret them correctly to arrive at a diagnosis of MS.

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Multiple Sklerose beginnt oft lange vor der Diagnose

Personen mit Multipler Sklerose (MS) stellen sich schon Jahre vor der Diagnose deutlich häufiger als andere Personen ärztlich vor. Die Fachwelt diskutierte dies zuletzt als eine mögliche Vorläufer-Phase der MS, eine sogenannte Prodromalphase. Ein Forschungs-Team (u.a. mit SyNergy-Mitglied Bernhard Hemmer) der Technischen Universität München (TUM) hat nun Studienergebnisse veröffentlicht, die nahelegen, dass es sich bei den Beschwerden häufig um nicht erkannte erste Schübe der Erkrankung handelt.

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